[Stowner Tips] Spliffers VS Backwoods: The Breakdown

The Breakdown:

How many times a day do you find yourself going through the therapeutic process of rolling up? Stoners report that an average days tokeage usually consists of 2-5 rolls each day of the year. 




Depending on if you use papers, blunts or natural leaf, the amount of money spent per year on smoking could get pretty costly, so we decided to do the math on one of the most popular cigars to date. Backwoods.




Retail price for a 5 pack of Backwoods around the country varies, but on the West Coast of the United States, you can expect to spend $7-$10 on average. Take a look at the Table we created below to see how much the totals came to VS the amount members of The Spliffers Community spend on the same:






Total w/ Spliffers


1 73


2 146 $1022 $730
3 219 $1533 $1095
4 292 $2044 $1460
5 365 $2555 $1725








Stowners who are on the monthly Spliffers subscription save close to 30% on Wraps compared to Backwoods consumers and that's a lot of savings when you think about it! 

Share this with your friends and see where they stack up on the list.